Sesame Seed is an easy to install, modern door controller, powered by OpenSesame.

Simplified example of Recursion platform interface components
Create, assign and track training for equipment

Equipment Training

Create equipment training and safety modules for members.

Recursion platform provides physical control over who can and can not access equipment

Equipment Monitoring

The only platform that provides a method of physically controlling access to tools and equipment.

Process membership payments for publicly accessible and community workshops for makerspaces

Payment Processing

Securely process recurring membership payments or one-time transactions for classes and materials.

Schedule time on equipment as well as offer classes to your members

Resource Scheduling

From scheduling events and classes to reserving equipment and resources, all done in one place.

Public & Private Makerspaces

The Recursion platform was initially developed to meet the needs of makerspaces. No more cobbling together different off the shelf products for your makerspace.

K-12 & University STEM Spaces

Maintain accountability for your students' safety with integrated training and controlled equipment access.

The Recursion Space Symbol.
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